Tuesday, March 29, 2011

no pain no gain?

Yesterday was a gym day. Its going really well. I actually enjoy it and the people are really friendly too.. I was doing my workout and went to go to the next machine and slammed my knee into a machine and it HURT, and still hurts and has a huge bruise as well:( figures lol. I woke up this morning and my toe is killing me and of course you look up online why and it says it could be gout, diabetes, a pulled muscle etc... so im hoping i just somehow pulled the muscle.....

I weighed myself again yesterday as well and am down 1 lb. of course my weight is always flunctuating so we'll see what it says at my next weigh in at the gym in april. you have to get weighed and measured once a month to track your progress. There also starting zumba classes soon i hope they have some on saturdays so i can do it that would be so much fun. The first one is a monday night at 530 but i dont get home until 6 or later so thats not helpful....

back to the gym tomorrow!

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