Sunday, October 28, 2012

ZUMBA and Pumps fitness rant

I have recently decided to see what all the fuss was about over Zumba. I joined a 6 week class and I fell in love with it ! It was so much fun and mostly easy to follow along with as well. There was one foot move that i kept messing up but on the 3rd week i finally was able to do it. Im so bummed my class is closing due to not enough people signing up and am trying to find a new class ASAP.  I would recommend everyone to try it out at least once it is so much fun!!

Now onto Pumps fitness rant - I recently decided to join a gym down in Wakefield Ma since thats where I work. I found Pumps fitness and liked that it was close to work and women only. The lady said because I live more than 15 miles away I could cancel at anytime, so instead of doing the no commitment membership i did the 2yr one since it was cheaper and i could cancel anytime i wanted to. When i signed up I was told at my consultation I would go over how to use the machines etc. I couldnt get a consultation for a month due to my work schedule and them not having openings when i was available. One day i mentioned to the lady working that its getting kind of boring only using 3 machines since i dont know how to use the rest and instead of saying oh can i show you one she also said at my consultation we would go over that..... ok...

2 weeks later i had my consultation finally. However she didnt show me any of the machines and when i mentioned it to her she said oh when you do the free personal training they will show you how too use them.

well a week later i met with a personal trainer and she had me doing squats etc and when i mentioned the machines she said she doesnt do that either... ummm wtf!!!

the next day when i went in i spoke to one of the managers who seemed nice and she told me to email the personal trainer about it so i emailed her and a week later she said she spoke to a different manager and that it will be a  $70 fee to show me the machines, and oh btw do you want to do personal training. At that point i was so mad and told her no im not paying for something i was told was included when i joined. she forwarded my email to a different manager who was so rude and snobby so i said well i had spoke to 5 different people they all kept saying someone else would do it, im not happy with how things were handled and i want to cancel my membership.

She tells me i cant cancel for 2yrs and i said well the other manager said i could since i live in a different town. she tells me i cant cancel unless i change jobs so i said well thats not what i was told and they need to have a meeting so everyone there is all on the same page about all the rules etc etc and she said she wont cancel my membership. She however doesnt know who she is messing with. I will be reporting them to the BBB. I will never recommend anyone to go to them ever again!!!