Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm back!

I've been MIA for a while mostly because i had nothing to say. I wasnt trying to lose weight (and luckily havent gained any more either!) However my 10 yr reunion from highschool is coming up in october *GASP* and now im ready to kick butt! still pissed my gym closed and that there isnt any on my way to work, or if they are then they are not open during the times i would need to go. I did however buy a gazelle off of amazon and I LOVE IT! its so much fun. however my problem is that i need to get into a routine of using it every day and stick to it. I dont snack and try to eat "healthy" meals although im sure my portion sizes could be better. But i think im finally determined to get skinny again! Why wouldnt we have had a 5 yr reunion like most schools. I was skinny then LOL. Contemplating joining weightwatchers online too since i dont want to go to the meetings. We shall see how this goes!